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Homecoming Season Is Upon Us

As the chill hangs heavy in the air and the leaves change color, I can’t stop my mind from wandering to thoughts of coronation, the fashion show, the Divine Nine step show, tailgating, catching up with friends on “The Yard”, late nights, and even later mornings. Yes, you guessed it: Homecoming! For students, alumni, and the local community it is a time like no other. You don’t just attend an HBCU homecoming, you experience an HBCU homecoming. It serves as a time of renewal, reflection, and reconnection—and well, of course, the occasional party.

Homecoming is integral to the HBCU experience and we want to share your photographs old and new with our readers. Whether you want to share your “blasts from the past” or a photo taken at this year’s homecoming, don’t be shy, send them our way! Throughout October and November, HBCUstory will feature your photos.

Do you have a memory you want to share? Send your photos to our managing editor, E. Clare Stewart, at Please include the following information: Your name, HBCU attended, graduation year, links to your social media accounts and a brief description of the photograph.

Oh, before I forget…

Get geeked, get geeked, it Homecoming Week! We don’t go to class and we don’t go to sleep! We stay up 24-7 the WHOLE week!

Fisk Homecoming 2011: HBCUstorytellers, E. Clare Stewart & C.A. deGregory


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